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Rohini Srihari | CEO


Rohini Srihari | CEO

Rohini Srihari is the CEO of groundTruth Global. groundTruth Global is is an analytics platform that combines human intelligence with predictive analytics to predict disruption and manage risk. By combining natural language processing and predictive analytics technology, with expert analysis, and “big” and local data sources, groundTruth global offers insights into current and future conflict and instability at a hyper-local level.

Rohini brings her expertise as an educator, scientist, and entrepreneur to groundTruth Global, which is used by corporations, NGOs, and peacebuilders around the globe to help them avoid risk and manage disruption in unstable environments. Dr. Srihari manages the development of innovative artificial intelligence solutions involving content such as social media, satellite imagery, and data obtained through trusted, local networks.

As a professor of Computer Science at the University at Buffalo, her research in text and data mining has been funded by agencies such as DARPA and the National Science Foundation as well as corporations. Her work incorporates multiple disciplines, including natural language processing, machine learning, multilingual text mining, and information retrieval. She has published extensively, given invited talks, and has supervised PhD, MS and undergraduate students. She has been involved in efforts to increase the participation of women and minorities in STEM disciplines.

As an entrepreneur, she has had experience in raising venture funding, developing and marketing software products, as well as overall responsibility for running a company. She founded Content Savvy, which has since been acquired, a company offering "big data" analytics for various markets, including healthcare, marketing, and customer support. Dr. Srihari serves as an advisor to organizations ranging from startups to nonprofits.

Rohini received her undergraduate degree in Math and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, Canada and her PhD in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Buffalo.