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Indicator Tracking Can Lead To More Positive Outcomes

Daniel Creed | Specialist for Analytics and Visualization

In addition to tracking real-time disruption events, groundTruth Global tracks industry-specific indicator events that often precede disruptions. For example, poor working conditions and rising negative sentiment can often precede strikes that cause disruption to factory operations. By tracking indicators, groundTruth can help businesses understand and address the issues that drive such disruptions before they become a problem, allowing companies to ensure that their operations continue to run smoothly while improving the livelihoods of ordinary people. Thus, what is good for business can also be good for peace.

A recent example of this was in Yen Hung, Vietnam, where on June 6th, nearly 100 people reported to the hospital with shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness from poor workplace conditions. groundTruth tracked this information as an indicator of working conditions, pinpointed to the day and location. Over the next few days, more people were brought to the hospital, and workers began to demand answers. Health officials and the company blamed the problems on the heat and nearby pesticide use, yet the incidents took place in the morning before excessive heat, and the air conditioning and filtration systems were fully operational. Without proper answers, workers held a strike on June 10th, stopping work until they could be assured of their safety. It was later reported that health officials found high levels of formaldehyde in the air, and testing was done to ensure that it was low enough for workers to return to work.

Conditions like these are not uncommon. On July 12th, six workers died in Tadipatri, India when poisonous gas leaked into a factory. And on July 19th, 12 workers were injured in an explosion at a chemical factory outside Cairo, Egypt. By tracking the indicators of such events, groundTruth Global can enable decision makers to solve problems before they occur, improving  profitability and business operations and living and working conditions simultaneously.