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Daniel Creed | Manager of Analytics and Visualization

Daniel Creed | Manager of Analytics and Visualization

Daniel Creed is the Specialist for Analytics and Visualization at groundTruth Global. groundTruth global is an analytics platform that combines human intelligence with predictive analytics to predict disruption and manage risk. By combining natural language processing and predictive analytics technology, with expert analysis, and “big” and local data sources, groundTruth global offers insights into current and future conflict and instability at a hyper-local level.

As part of the groundTruth team, Daniel specializes in database curation, analytics, and design and visualization. He is passionate about using statistics and data for social good and is fluent in statistical and visual programming languages such as R and Python. Daniel holds a doctorate in Political Science from the University of Maryland, College Park and has a strong background in quantitative research methods. His prior research focused on methods of local capacity building that assist refugee return in post-conflict settings, such as how credible commitments to physical security, land, housing, and property rights can provide stability and contribute to stemming further conflict.

Prior to joining groundTruth, Daniel held positions at the Center for International Development and Conflict Management and was a data analyst for a federal contractor. He is proficient in Farsi.