Our mission

protecting the supply chain while engaging local communities.


At GroundTruth Global, we believe that many of the most successful activities companies can undertake to protect their supply chain assets can drive positive change in the communities where they operate. Our origins in the NGO sector provide us with a unique vantage point to guide these interventions.

GroundTruth Global was spun out of a DC think tank that analyzes political, economic and social trends to prevent violent conflict in at-risk countries around the world. This underpins the service GTG provide to clients and how we go about our work. That think tank’s pioneering work on predictive analytics to anticipate and manage disruptions serves as the framework for the insights we provide to corporate leaders.

These leaders seek to engage more successfully with frontier economies, which we believe can in turn better connect local communities with the global economy. GroundTruth places emphasis on engaging communities, and we often work with local NGOs to partner on data collection to create strong income opportunities for local populations. In addition to our supply chain work, the GTG platform is leveraged by clients to better understand local community priorities and focus community re-investments. We believe that companies can simultaneously protect their supply chain assets while building strong partnerships with the communities in which they operate.