Human Analysis + Machine Learning

GroundTruth Global is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that partners machine learning with human analysis to offer actionable early warning on disruptions to supply chain operations in frontier markets. A web-based platform, GroundTruth Global provides detailed insights on short and long-term supply chain operations at the international, national and community levels through an innovative data collection model. GroundTruth Global data, gathered through extensive sources and then analyzed by our team of experts, offers a strategic look at supply chain operations down to the local level, allowing companies to monitor instability and effectively anticipate risks in emerging economies. GroundTruth Global trains algorithms to both identify disruptions in real-time and predict the likelihood that those disruptions will occur, sending out a geo-based alert when a prediction comes true. These algorithms are constantly fine-tuned by GroundTruth Global analysts to provide exceptional accuracy.