find signal in noise

GroundTruth Global helps clients find meaning within the vast array of potential supply chain disruption data. GTG tracks risk dynamics impacting countries and regions to provide a detailed picture of the issues that could impact a client’s supply chain. GroundTruth offers a close-up of this information to give clients the ability to focus on geographies relevant to their operations and charts the specific locations where clients have factories, distribution centers, suppliers, and transportation networks to develop a complete understanding of relevant risk dynamics. With this precise knowledge of local, on-the-ground conditions, GroundTruth Global is able to provide exact early warning alerts of potential supply chain disruptions.

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The GroundTruth World View Dashboard is updated in real time and includes broad risk context of evolving indicators such as rule of law, crime, financial stability, infrastructure, and more while also monitoring specific events that could cause a disruption in a local supply chain. Specific geographies can be targeted to explore on-the-ground dynamics and events, and the dashboard can be set to provide real time monitoring, historical perspective, or future forecasts

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Company leadership teams receive targeted platform-based alerts and GroundTruth analyst access when risk threshold levels are met inside of a client’s selected geography. GTG analyst teams provide insightful briefings at the country level to highlight key supply chain risks and potential growth opportunities while pairing big and local data to provide a complete picture of situations on the ground.