platform features and system tools


GroundTruth Global comes equipped with tools and features that allow supply chain operators to monitor situations on-the-ground while reacting effectively to business disruptions.

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The GroundTruth Global Index

Geopolitical risk drivers like crime, conflict, infrastructure, social unrest and environment are monitored and analyzed on the Groundtruth Global Index, allowing for a deep understanding of disruption trends at the global, national and local levels across sectors and time.

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Locally sourced data

Understand what’s happening on the ground. From social unrest to environmental threats, GroundTruth Global’s exclusive local data sources provide information critical to understanding the threat level of a projected supply chain disruption.


Customized Alerts

Know what matters most. Customized platform-based alerts are tailored to a company’s specific needs to ensure supply chain operators see only the information that matters most.



See what’s coming. GroundTruth Global projections provide early warning of potential business disruptions days and weeks in advance, ensuring that supply chain managers can effectively reroute critical assets to prevent a breakdown in operations.