Anticipate disruptions

GroundTruth Global provides actionable and reliable forecasts of potential events that could significantly impact a client’s upstream supply chain operations. Our predictive capabilities leverage sophisticated machine learning with subject expert analysis to find meaning among vast quantities of data. GroundTruth is able to predict with a high degree of accuracy events that are likely to take place in the coming days and provides clients with platform-based early warning alerts. Our analyst team is constantly evaluating relevant indicators and telling the story behind the data to give broader context to disruption events.

GroundTruth leverages a proprietary framework to allow clients to weigh opportunities evenly across developed and emerging economies. Our sophisticated scoring model and algorithm - tested exhaustively against real world events to ensure accuracy - balances short and long term dynamics to allow clients to compare risk factors across time and geographies. The GTG algorithm provides weighting for political stability, rule of law, infrastructure, crime, climate and financial transparency to provide clients with a complete understanding of potential supply chain threats.

Photo by ertyo5/iStock / Getty Images