groundTruth global

Meet the Team

We're an experienced and knowledgeable team dedicated to helping our clients avoid costly business disruptions.


Rohini Srihari


Rohini Srihari is the CEO of groundTruth Global, using her experience as an educator, scientist, and entrepreneur to fully implement the groundTruth mission.


Laura Whitaker

Laura Whitaker is the COO of groundTruth Global, putting her operations expertise into action to provide business guidance and company management.


James Whitman

James Whitman leads Corporate Engagement at groundTruth Global, bringing 25 years of commercial and consulting experience to the team.


Jackie Lacroix

Jackie Lacroix is the Product Manager at groundTruth Global and oversees both the program and platform to help clients manage risk.


Daniel Creed

Daniel Creed is the Manager of Analytics and Visualization at groundTruth Global, using his expertise in analytics and design to illustrate disruptive conflict trends.


Kelly Hoye

Kelly Hoye is the Social Media, Outreach and Events Coordinator at groundTruth Global, managing media requests while marketing the groundTruth mission.