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Human + Machine Intelligence

Early Warning of Social & Business Disruption

Monitor risk and grow your operations.

Organizations today are increasingly investing in and growing their operations in fragile and emerging economies. However, many struggle to anticipate and respond to the human and business costs of conflict. 


Presenting groundTruth global

groundTruth global is a SaaS solution providing early warning of business and security risk due to volatility in fragile states. groundTruth integrates information from a variety of sources, resulting in dynamic, locally-sourced risk indicators that are used to predict operational disruptions and security threats. The platform combines advanced AI technology, human expertise, and innovations in local data collection to produce a unique solution for organizations operating in emerging economies.

The platform features: 

Real-time alerts and visibility into local ground conditions
Continuous updates of groundTruth indicators based on local and big data analysis
Expert commentary and trend analysis
Coverage of 25 countries in 2017, 50 countries in 2018


Prevent Disruption

Your global company could lose an average of $500,000 for each day operations are shut down. Reduce revenue losses due to business disruption. 

Protect Employees

Protect your people. Anticipate situations posing risk to their well-being. Get information into the hands of those who need it most.

Preserve Reputation

Understand and address issues before they spin out of control. Respond to crises with context. Increase transparency and accountability.



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